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You've built a website or three. You're sharing on every social media channel anyone might possibly be using. You've even shelled out GOOD money on coaches, online programs and courses promising pie in the sky results....

BUT your working WAY to hard in your business to get clients consistently. 

Worse you're starting to resent your business and wonder what in the HECK you're doing wrong because it's a LOT OF time and money a lot more time and money then you had bargained for and worse your business is taking a real TOLL on your lifestyle. 

Fortunately, there's two tricks you might not even know you have available to you: the power of CLARITY & the POWER proximity to JUMPSTART your results no matter where you are right now.

As an entrepreneur, you're in the perfect spot to build a profitable coaching business inspiring others and sharing your gifts IF you have CLARITY. The only THING that stands in the way of where you are NOW and where you want to be is what you dont know. 

When you have clarity you get into ACTION doing the RIGHT things in your business. Without clarity you stay stuck in self doubt or worse spend time and money on the wrong acton steps, the wrong systems and that could kill you and your confidence. Kind of like jumping on a Harley Davidson the first time you learn how to ride a Motorcycle. If you're smart you learn how to ride a Motocycle on a simple 50 CC moped not a Harley Davidson. 

Same thing with marketing & funnels, paid advertising and growing a team. The RIGHT thing at the right time in the right order. Unfortunately most coaches have hodge podged motocycle parts and biciycle parts all mixed together wondering WHY they aren't getting anywhere they want to go with any real speed.

My VIP day is the RIGHT decision for you if you find yourself telling people “just tell me what to do and I’ll do it”.  

If you want to get results in record time the VIP DAY is your best bet.  

The VIP experience is for entrepreneurs who see the value of gleaming and gathering next level concepts ideas and CLARITY in an afternoon instead of 6 months or 6 years...

Read on and check out the video clips below for a look at how it works.


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Here are some of the areas we'll work on together 

Get Your Marketing Right & Create Your Signature Programs & Offers.

Still wondering if your message is a good fit for your audience? Don't have your high end program or mastermind figured out yet?

With a strong enough brand and CLARITY on your offers you won't need to constantly hustle for business. 

Instead, your marketing will speak to solve the problems your audience is willing to PAY the big bucks to solve and YOU will FEEL great about what your clients ACTUALLY GET and be able to share that confidence with them over the phone and GET CLIENTS.

Get this right and you'll have a waiting list of clients throwing money at you! Get this wrong and your business becomes an expensive money pit. CLARITY = POWER!

Generate LEADS & Traffic to Your Offers

You can't make SALES if you don't have anyone to talk to. 

Lesson number one in building a profitable coaching business is have a SOLID sales attraction system that generates qualified LEADS for you day in and day out that you can get on the PHONE and enroll high paying clients. 

Kind of hard to do if you don't have a strategy or plan to get your offer in front of targetted people what we call a "Sales Attraction System"

Let's look at proven PAID advertising stratgeies, online makreting strategies, and speaking events you can implement in your business to gain massive VISIBILITY in the marketplace. 

Build Your Sales Attraction System & Funnels

You Need a Way to Attract Leads and Turn them into SALES Online & Offline.  

This goes way beyond snapping pretty photos on a website. I'll show you how to create a SIMPLE and effective FUNNEL that draws customers. 

Pick my brains on what works NOW after 10+ years as an online marketer and sales mentor with over 2.8 Million dollars in sales per year. 

I'll show you how to AVOID the hassles and most costly mistakes when building your funnels and sales attraction systems to grow and scale your income.

Master the Art of Enrolling Sales Conversations

Create Influence & Impact

Nervous about being able to close the sale? Here's the truth: 95% of women entrepreneurs feel weird about sales —until they learn a few important tricks.

Sales has A LOT to do with your INTERNAL conversation, beleifs and concepts you have about YOURSELF as a business owner and your ideas and beleifs of SALES as a profession in general. 

Don't know REALLY what to say on the phone to seal the deal? Discover how to obliterate buyers objections, by using our proven scripts and objection handling psychology. 

If you're not enrolling right now - you will be by the time we finish our VIP day together. Check out the HUNDREDS of house wives ( litterally women who have NEVER SOLD a damn thing in their lives sing praises about their newfound sales skills here www.TakeYourPowerBackNow.com/testimonials 

The top 3% of wealthy people are in SALES. Let's get your sales rocking!

Grow Your Team & Scale it Up With Masterminds, Group Programs, VIP Days and Live Events & Retreats 

Growth Strategies & Goals & Team Building

How do you know whether you're on the right track with your business or you need to keep tweaking your approach? What numbers should you track? When is it time to hire a team hire a sales person or team to help you?

AS a solo preneur letting go of CONTROL can be hard but necessary if you want to grow your time, impact and income and let's face it if you don't start outsourcing you'll soon burn out. 

We'll look at your business structure, your team and key activities and create your scale it up & growth srategies. I'll show you who to hire and how to hire and outsource to make sure you get the RIGHT people on your team so you can focus on what you LOVE to do and let other people handle the rest!


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Space is Limited - First Come First Serve Basis 


The MOST Costly & Dangerous Thing For You & Your Business... 

Lack of clarity....

After 10+ years in the coaching industry and running a 250K + per MONTH online coaching + online marketing & womens empowerment business - I've done everything from:

  • Publishing best selling books 
  • Getting national television FOX ABC CBS NBC exposure
  • HOSTING Live & Automated webinars 
  • Workshops & speaking events  
  • Hosting retreats in Hawaii  
  • Running VIP days
  • Running masterminds both online and live in person masterminds
  • Group coaching programs & high end coaching programs
  • Invested over $1 million dollars in paid advertising 
  • Have a youtube channel with subscribers & video’s  
  • Social media platforms on facebook, Instagram, Linked in 


...you name it I've done it, tried it, bought the T - Shirt.

Mentoring hundreds and hundreds of women over the last 10 years it's the lack of clarity that kills more coaches then anything. If you don't have clarity you don't take action and you don't get results.

How MUCH would CLARITY on your next steps to grow your business be WORTH to you?  

Sometimes the BEST thing you can do for your business is get some perspective on it - make some SPACE to breathe new life into your business with clarity and confidence.  

Lack of clarity is the most dangerous thing in your business and IT can actually cost you hundreds of thousands, EVEN millions of dollars of LOST income opportunities.

Don’t let that happen let’s work together to get you clarity on:  

  • Your sales process scripts and conversations so you start enrolling more clients and making more sales! This is the number one area I see coaches struggle with. Stop leaving money on the table and start enrolling your prospects with my heart centeres sales strategies - scripts and objective handling ideas. I run and have managed my own team of 7 sales professionals here at Take Your Power Back Now - I can show you how to rock your sales and what to look out for when building your first sales team of rockstar enrollers. 
  • Lead generation strategies both online and offline - you can’t make sales if you don’t have anybody talk to.  
  • Guaranteed roadmap for your fastest path to cash - One thing that’s really set me apart from a lot of other business coaches marketing mentors my ability to assess where my clients are out and give them only the next three steps to making sales. Why waste time and complicated funnels and processes if there is a bag of money hiding right under your nose let me help you by pointing it out for you and you very clear and concise three-step process.  
  • Perspective on how best to leverage your time, influence, impact and service offerings. Once you know that you can deliver a result it’s actually a hindrance by delivering that service one on one let’s get you doing one to many service offerings so you can leverage your time impact and freedom.  
  • Create your mastermind program and one to many service offerings or VIP days or retreat offerings - again clarity is power I’ve run VIP days retreats in Hawaii online masterminds live masterminds for several years and I’m happy to help you avoid the pitfalls and the costly mistakes I have learnt through trial and error over the last 10 years of running group programs and mastermind so you don’t have to.  
  • Funnel analysis and review so you can dial it into peak performance and profitability, gleam special copywriting ideas, email tactics and sequences to engage or re engage your list.  
  • How to hire an outsource and build your team so you don’t have to do it all by yourself. I get asked this question a lot as our clients start making more money the next problem that happens is "oh my gosh I have a ton of clients but now I have no time" and so we tackle this problem by helping you hire people and how to do it well so that you don’t waste time hiring the wrong kinds of people were paying them too much and then you can afford them pick my brains on how we run a team here take your power back now have over 22 people and still make a ton of profit while serving our clients outstanding results.  

About Vanessa Simpkins

Featured on FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC television for her bestselling books “Take Your Power Back Now” and “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops,” Vanessa is passionate and effective when coaching. She inspires entrepreneurs to skyrocket their confidence and generate high volume cash flow with solid sales attraction systems and MINDSET mastery tools that bring prosperity and greater purpose. Vanessa’s company, Take Your Power Back Now, exists to help you make consistent, cash flow from your coaching business, BE a conscious CREATOR, WHILE enjoying more confidence about yourself, selling your services for HIGH prices, owning your value and BEING visible in the marketplace - making an IMPACT with your inspirational and empowering message and really showing up to LIVE your purpose. She started off bankrupt and living in a 300 square foot apartment in a bad neighborhood but changed her life with the decision that she wasn't going to allow herself to be stuck in life anymore. With a key mind shift she turned it all around becoming the top sales person in her company to hosting interviews with 14 of the world's TOP transformational breakthrough experts on how to break through all of the inner blocks of self-worth, deservingness and limitation to the create the lifestyle and business of her dreams. Now she coaches women all over the world on how to create the life of their dreams by breaking through their own inner blocks, making more money and creating more FREEDOM.